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Management Framework

Your One IT Service Management Framework for hybrid and cloud hosted environments.

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The OneCloud Operations Management Framework®

Operations Management Framework

The OneCloud Operation Management Framework has been built to increase agility and to help in decision making, transition onto the cloud and the ongoing operations and optimization of their cloud computing services. The Cloud MMP Stage provides customers with the decision making framework based on services comparison, cost and staff readiness. The Cloud transition Stage, once ready to take on the cloud journey, the transition stage provides the activities to transition from on promise services to services on the cloud. The Cloud Operation Stage focuses customers onto managing cloud operations by managing service levels with cloud service providers instead of managing the actual components of a service. 

OneCloud Operations Management Framework

OneCloud MMP

OneCloud™ Modeling and Measurement Playbook

The OneCloud™ Cloud MMP Life-Cycle Stage is a decision framework used to understand business needs and evaluate service providers. 
OneCloud Transition

OneCloud™ Transition

The OneCloud™ Transition Life-Cycle Stage describes the relationships within your hybrid operational structure while integrating the operations of your native environment and cloud services utilizing defined management functions.
OneCloud Operations Management Framework

OneCloud™ Cloud Operations

The OneCloud™ Cloud Operations Life-Cycle Stage is composed of a set of best practices for managing the Cloud Service provider and the services that are being delivered to the business.
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