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Your One IT Service Management Framework for hybrid and cloud hosted environments.

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OneCloud™ Cloud Operations

The OneCloud™ Cloud Operations Life-Cycle Stage is composed of a set of best practices for managing the Cloud Service provider and the services that are being delivered to the business.

Life-Cycle Stage "OneCloud Operations"

In the cloud world IT Operations gets elevated to a more business focused set of principles versus the traditional focus on change and incident management.  Long gone are the days of having to focus on monitoring, logging, deploying, and managing systems.  Operations in a cloud world focuses IT's attention on service levels, usage, and capacity.  What used to be thought of as business alignment activities (i.e. Service Level Management, Financial Management, Capacity Management, etc) now become IT Operations tasks.  It through these activities that IT ensures that the cloud services that have been purchased meet the business needs, perform satisfactorily and remain cost effective.

The Following are the Major Activities in the Operations Life-Cycle Stage:

• Service Level Management

• Financial Management

• Capacity Management

• Consumption Management

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