Day One

The OneCloud training starts with an introduction to OneCloud, ITIL and the OneCloud Management Framework. During this day we will get familiarized with the term and overall cloud management.

- Cloud Introduction (Private, Hybrid and Public)
- OneCloud vs ITIL
- Consumption Economics
- Why the OneCloud Management Framework
- OneCloud Management Framework Life-Cycle Stages
- One Cloud Modeling and Measurement Playbook (MMP)
- OneCloud Transition
- OneCloud Operations

Day Two

One Cloud Modeling and Measurement Playbook (MMP)

The MMP helps in the decision making of what services move to the cloud, what cloud service provider best meets your business needs and evaluates your resources and staff for cloud readiness and its impact.

- Cloud Criteria
- Business Service Selection
- Resources and Staffing Impact Model
- Cloud Services Evaluation  and Criteria
- Cloud Provider Discovery
- Cloud Provider Selection

OneCloud Transition

Once you have an educated decision on what services you are moving to the cloud, what is your best cloud provider option and the impact it will have in your resources and staff the OneCloud Transition State will provide your actionable guidelines for successful readiness, transition and resources uplift.

- User Training
- Communication
- Admin Readiness
- Cloud Provider Integration
- Resource Uplift
- Pilot
- Legacy Applications
- Helpdesk Readiness

OneCloud Operations

Many have ignore or have not been aware of the much needed management processes for cloud operations once in the cloud.  This state will help you with managing your cloud provider service levels and availability while also making sure that service provision cost does not get out of hand by performing financial and capacity management.

- Service Level Management
- Financial Management
- Capacity Management
- Consumption Management

The Workshop culminates with a practice test.